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turnkey interior design

Megamind Engineering is an Interior Design, Build and Project Consulting Company office in Gurgaon & Noida, India. We provide turnkey Interior solution encompassing Interiors, Electrical, Mechanical, Safety, Sound Engineering and Smart and Green building systems. We cater IT buildings, restaurants, healthcare, and retail, commercial, institutional, healthcare and residential homes.

If you are a consumer or part of an architectural, retail, real estate or development organization and want of an experienced competent and motivated construction partners by your side that you can depend on Megamind Engineering is just what you are looking for. This is one interior resource with the breadth and depth of talent with technical expertise and integrity you need.

We execute turnkey projects involved in civil work, wood work, metal work, flooring, wall paneling, false ceiling, plumbing, electrical works, Aquarium and other material sourcing which completes total execution of the project. We are always striving to exceed your expectation for quality.

Our approach insures quality because we pay so much attention to every detail of a project including permitting, hand-selecting subcontractors, carefully managing suppliers, completing the construction, and keeping clients informed throughout the entire process. That’s all at a very competitive cost.

We carryout Interior Designing and Building modular and custom cabins, wood, glass, Aluminum partition, workstation, loose furniture, storage units, doors, windows, false ceiling, raised flooring, facades, cladding, paneling, wooden/vinyl flooring, hard/carpet flooring, furnishings, wall covering, window blinds, modular kitchen, Acoustic insulation, water proof treatments and painting.

We provide Electrical wiring & Fixtures, Data /Voice networking, lighting management (LMS), UPS and DG Sets. Safety & security systems, fire protection systems, CCTV camera, access control systems, home theater, Personal Addressing (PA), Acoustic evaluations and insulation.

We also provide Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems such as Air handling units (AHU), Ductable A/C, Hi-Wall Units, Precision Air Condition (PAC) systems exclusively for labs and data centers. All types of Plumbing works.

Specialist in Information Technology Buildings

Megamind Engineering Project designs the structured cable system network that enables the user's technology systems and the building operating systems to function in an integrated manner. Synergies enabling user comfort and building energy savings can be realized when integrated systems can interact seamlessly, thus benefiting the comfort and business needs of the user and the building owner simultaneously.

• Adequate power for future building/system expansion including emergency power supply
• Adaptable power and telecommunication cores
• Adaptable dedicated electrical and telecommunications spaces
• HVAC delivery to dedicated IT spaces
• Network security
• Strategically located branch takeoffs and utility stubs
• Adaptable plenum systems—either overhead or under floor, coordinated with space needs for parallel HVAC, power, lighting, and fire protection systems as applicable
• Overhead exposed cable trays integrated with parallel HVAC, power, lighting, and fire protection systems

Speciality in Restaurant Interior Design

Our associate Restaurant Interior Designers are highly skilled in restaurant & bar interior designs. Restaurant Interior Design Materials and finishes are those things that make up the finished design of a project. We choose the best for you.

So if you want to create a unique and profitable restaurant, you will find our Restaurant Interior Designers the best in the city. Call us now for a draft concept meeting that will open some new avenues & ideas that will help you create a highly profitable restaurant.