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Our team

As a professional company, the most important ingredient of success is your team. Every company in our portfolio gets access to our full-time expert engineers, experienced interior team & fire fighting staff. In addition to our engineering team, Megamind Engineering Project is supported by a top-notch operations team.

Megamind Engineering Project’s staff of project engineers includes many with backgrounds in the electrical, office interior business - everything from the maintenance and supplying equipment to the electrical & fire fighting serving various types of industries. We are called upon to inspect and evaluate the entire spectrum of the project system. Performance issues with electrical, fire fighting equipments and generators are a common assignment for our staff.

Combined with our team of talented engineers, licensed electricians and state of the art equipment, a prompt operations’ team provides their clients with a diverse knowledge base that allows Megamind Engineering Project to commission a client’s project on time and within budget with no excuses.