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Fire Fighting

Megamind Engineering Project is an engineering enterprise and consulting company. Our firm specializes in various aspects of electrical projects involving fire-fighting engineering, consulting and equipment’s. The firm has grown to be the leading in dedicated fire fighting protection- engineering specialties.

Testing & Maintenance

We can serve as a single source for all kind of fire protection with full testing and maintenance. Our fire fighting equipment’s include water sprays, sprinkler systems, hydrants, fire pumps, hoses, extinguishers, manual and automatic systems, emergency alarms, CO2, dry-chemical and foam based suppressants and so on. We have supplied fire fighting systems for various industries and our services have been acclaimed by many companies for timely completion of project, advanced project management, our pioneering design and engineering, precise installation and maintenance services. We follow international standards for safety protocols that give ample substantial development. Our experts include skilled and knowledgeable engineers and certified professionals. Our staff is recognized as best diligent workers in the field of fire protection and safety. The average experience of each staff is for more than 10 years in the fire safety field.

Our staff and skills can fit as per your fire protection requirements industry wise. Our experience includes-

  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Fire Alarm Panel
  • Sprinkler System
  • Fire Hydrant System
  • We provide complete fire protection services and installations. We also help our clients in getting NOC from concerned authorities. Our team of professionals at your own facility location conducts well-informed sessions.

    Our team of heroes does no neglect or foresee any delicate of detail in each and every process. We maintain quality standards in all our products and services. Customer satisfaction is the foremost part of our procedure and we maintain high respect for our clients.